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     The Bike Workshop: Esdras Ramos

Esdras Ramos is 30 years old. Just a few months ago him situation was very difficult, he could not find a job and he needed to support him family. Fortunately, he had the opportunity to join the IDEAME project and thank God today he is an entrepreneur with his own bicycle workshop.

He now he has made it his mission to guide others and share how God has blessed him through IDEAME.

During his entrepreneurial process, his business has been highly recognized, due to his physical health situations, his performance has dropped a little, needing the help of a young man to fulfill the pending work.

He suffers from a problem with a nerve in his back that prevents him from standing for a long time. He receives therapy and treatments for his recovery and to avoid being operated on. Despite the health problems that have come his way, Esdras serves God, plays the piano in the church's worship ministry, and receives the pastor's message, with the faith that God will heal the nerve in his back and return to normal to continue working.


    News and Varieties: Azucena Rodríguez

Dalia Azucena Rodríguez and her family were going through a somewhat complicated situation due to lack of resources and lack of opportunities. Thank God she was able to be part of the IDEAME project and she started her business with a small sandal store that over time has expanded to sell a variety of other types of products.

Since its inception Sister Azucena has reinvested several times in her business. She wants to sell other similar things in her business that people have asked for, although her sales are not of a high as she hoped, she complements it by selling creams and perfumes through catalogs. Currently her family situation is very good, she and her husband support each other to attend the local church, she has an older daughter who does not live with her and asks for prayer for her protection and for the life of the little one her son Jafeth.


    Handmade Jewerly: Carmen Padilla

Carmen Padilla joined the IDEAME project confident that this opportunity will be a great blessing for her and her family. Her entrepreneurship consists of creating artisan jewelry trusting that God will open the doors for her to move forward.

Carmen has continued with success with her business, the people who sell the product have advised her to enter jewelry classes so that she can learn to make jewelry and thus be able to make a greater profit. She is part of a group of Christian women and perseveres in the Lord, her main prayers are for the finances and the health of her family.


    A gift has arrived at your house.
Do you receive Jesús?

On November 27, 2021, the IDEAME project carried out a day of evangelization in the communities of Sambo Creek, Salitrán and in some places of the city of La Ceiba.

During this activity, 70 families benefited by giving them a bag with food to prepare a delicious dinner to give thanks with their families, it was also shared about the message of Jesus and his love for us as the best gift we can receive.

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