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Upcoming Mission Trip!

"Embark on IDEAME's Transformative 2024 Mission Trip: June 5-11! Connect with La Ceiba staff, entrepreneurs, and Experience the Entrepreneurs’ Market Fair!"

Christine Bregenzer

 IDEAME’s 2024 mission trip will be June 5-11.  We invite friends, supporters and donors to be a part of this opportunity to meet our La Ceiba staff, our entrepreneurs and be a part of our Entrepreneurs’ Market Fair on Saturday, June 8 in La Ceiba.  On that day we will help set up materials and supplies for all the vendors who will display and sell their products to the general public at the beachside location as well as meet all the vendors who will be a part of this fair.  Plans also include visiting one or more entrepreneurs in their homes and/or places of business in addition to becoming friends with many of our Honduran volunteers.  We also plan a seminar for our entrepreneurs where some of us will not only counsel and give financial business advice to them, but also talk and pray with them, encouraging their walks and relationships with Christ and how we can apply Christian principles to our daily lives, our businesses and jobs, our families and friends.  Last year’s seminar was witness to 3 Professions of Faith because not all of our entrepreneurs are baptized Christians.  For more information on joining this mission group, contact Bob Sawicki at or contact Chris Bregenzer at

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