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The IDEAME project seeks to create entrepreneurial opportunities for people who do not have an economic income to support their families. The difference between IDEAME and other seed capital support programs is that it begins, develops, and continues with the purpose of discipling participants in the Christian faith. Project success is based on the spreading of the good news of salvation through business, since the participants will be prepared through programs of discipleship and evangelism so as not only to generate money, but also to reach souls for Christ.

This initiative was born after seeing the need within the Honduran population, the lack of Christ and the basic needs of low-income families, which have created a psychological and economic dependence in organizations of all kinds, making them welfare people, locked in a bubble where there is no other way out.  Through our strategy we will present the plan of salvation and show them a "God" path that will guide them out of their current situation, both material and spiritual.


Alliances with local churches is a very important aspect for the execution of this project since they will be used as the main means of dissemination and promotion to attract the participants of La Ceiba, Honduras and their ongoing discipleship.

This project will provide the tools to people to start business ventures, where they will not only be administrators of a business but should let God be the center and learn to give Him control of every aspect of their life.
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Our main mission is to be God's ambassador on earth, through service and love for everything the one who needs Jesus in his life. In addition, being part of a team that provides an alternative to the families that most need to generate income to improve their economic situation.

What Does An IDEAME Volunteer Do?
  • Participate in workshops, training, and Bible studies.

  • Supports the organization of activities for participants.

  • According to your education: Give training and workshops.

  • Visit families participating in the project.

  • Bring food supplies to those most in need

  • Share the good news of Jesus Christ


At the end of 2019 in Honduras, the unemployment rate registered close to two million unemployed, approximately 40% of the labor force.  The loss and/or lack of work of one of the family members has been associated with increased stress, depression and isolation.

There are different types of needs in people, but there is one in particular that covers family, emotional and even health problems for the Honduran population, and this is because they do not have economic income that allows them to meet all of the above. However, there is a need that is even more important in people's lives and it is the need for God in their hearts, goals and projects.

People have different types of needs. For a large part of the Honduran population there is lack of sustainable income to cover even basic needs. This results in relational, emotional and even health problems for many families. However, there is a need that is even more important in people's lives and it is the need for God in their hearts, goals and projects.

People need to understand and recognize that the only one who can rescue their lives and meet their material, physical and spiritual needs is called Jesus, but before that happens they must learn to depend and trust him fully. God cares and he knows exactly what we need. "My God will supply all your needs according to his riches to his glory in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19 But it is still a priority that his spirit is also being fed with his word.

For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

Isaiah 41:13


The IDEAME project is developed in the City of La Ceiba, Honduras. The beneficiaries are residents of this city, from the areas with the greatest risk and need.

Our Program focuses on both Christians and non-Christians, either to reach those who have not yet received Jesus as their savior, they might know him, or to strengthen and consolidate the faith of participating believers. Through the implementation of businesses that give on opportunity to preach his word by a variety of means. For this all participants will have to undergo discipleship.

IDEAME is focused on reducing unemployment rates and increasing the Christian faith of the people of Honduras, for a better quality of life in all aspects. We accomplish this through:

  • Developing a discipleship program for beneficiaries, through conventional and unconventional means.

  • Executing business plans of the beneficiaries, in order to grow economically.

  • Comparing the initial life situation of the beneficiaries with that later in the IDEAME project process.

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