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IDEAME Entrepreneurs Fair

We share a little about our first entrepreneurs fair, we enjoyed a pleasant atmosphere and we had the participation of many entrepreneurs that the IDEAME project has supported and other invited entrepreneurs, who offered a wide variety of products such as food and beverages, confectionery, bakery, accessories among much more.

Thank God the event was held successfully, people were able to enjoy the activities that were carried out and the various products of our Ceiba entrepreneurs. A great event that could not have been carried out without the support of churches, organizations and the general public that were part of that great day, to whom we are grateful.

The Bike Workshop: Esdras Ramos

Esdras Ramos is 30 years old. Just a few months ago him situation was very difficult, he could not find a job and he needed to support him family. Fortunately, he had the opportunity to join the IDEAME project and thank God today he is an entrepreneur with his own bicycle workshop.

He now he has made it his mission to guide others and share how God has blessed him through IDEAME.

During his entrepreneurial process, his business has been highly recognized, due to his physical health situations, his performance has dropped a little, needing the help of a young man to fulfill the pending work.

He suffers from a problem with a nerve in his back that prevents him from standing for a long time. He receives therapy and treatments for his recovery and to avoid being operated on. Despite the health problems that have come his way, Esdras serves God, plays the piano in the church's worship ministry, and receives the pastor's message, with the faith that God will heal the nerve in his back and return to normal to continue working.

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