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"HEMA Program: Empowering Entrepreneurs with Christian Values"

"Discover how IDEAME's innovative HEMA project is transforming the lives of La Ceiba's newest entrepreneurs".

Christine Bregenzer

Nine women of La Ceiba who are Group #1 of 2024, began their finance and Christian discipleship classes March 6. Meysie Lopez, IDEAME Director of Honduras Programs, along with both of our Entrepreneur Group Managers (EGMs), Gustavo Funes and Hellen Valladares, plus Estela Funez, our Spiritual Support & Guidance Manager, conducted enhanced classes for several days.  They utilized rooms donated by and at the Catholic University of La Ceiba and Iglesia El Olam, a non-denominational Christian church allied with IDEAME for spreading the Gospel in Honduras.  These new small business owners learned the fundamental principles of forming and conducting a successful small business using the new HEMA book written and designed by our staff.  It is the very first time the HEMA book is being used for instruction, and all indications say it is a good success.  HEMA are the letters representing these words in Spanish: Historial (meaning Record or Ledger), Estados financieros (meaning financial statements), Metas (meaning goals), and Avances (meaning progress).  The HEMA book also contains a collection of daily devotionals for each entrepreneur to guide them in their Christian walk and help them share their work with others using Christian principles.  The HEMA books are also being distributed to some of our earlier entrepreneurs when our EGMs visit them as part of their follow-up.  HEMA is a project IDEAME has been developing for 2 years, and we rejoice that it is complete and is being used to exalt God’s glory in all our entrepreneurial work.  In the first photo Meysie and Gustavo are teaching 2024's Group#1 in a classroom donated by Catholic University of La Ceiba.  The other photo is our newest group learning marketing at Iglesia El Olam from Meysie and using their very own products as learning tools.  Very soon these women will be launched after receiving their required supplies IDEAME helps provide and join the other 50 IDEAME entrepreneurs in becoming successful business owners.

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