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There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child follow their dreams


IDEAME is working with the pastor of the Monte de Hebrón Church in El Pino, a small community on the outskirts of La Ceiba, to assist a low-income family economically and spiritually. This family is headed by the 69-year-old maternal grandmother and 6 minors. All of these children are now orphans and do not have a father living in or near their home. Thanks to generous donors, IDEAME has been supporting them since early 2022 with monthly with food, medical, school supplies and uniforms and other basic needs. IDEAME remains committed to supporting them through donor generosity so that they can overcome their situation and grow in faith, all to God’s glory.

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Geremy Jafet Rodriguez Reyes

Valery Zoe Rodríguez Reyes

Kellyn Dayana Rodríguez Reyes

Frely Tahisha Rodríguez Reyes

Dilan Yadiel Rodríguez Reyes

Kendra Nayeli Rodríguez Reyes

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