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Believe In The Promise That
You Were Called To Create

Glorifying God One Entrepreneur At A Time

We are created in the image of an infinitely creative God—the First Entrepreneur—the One who brought our world out of nothing, established order out of chaos, and created for the good of others. IDEAME was built on the vision that we are capable of showing God's love through his mercy with people, giving them the opportunity to create new businesses, art, books, and other products. Through that creation we are reflecting His character to the world. Our mission is to validate the deep desire in our souls to create and feed the souls of others with the word of God. 


We fuel passion and creativity.
We empower entrepreneurs
We foster spiritual development of families
We fulfill Jesus's command to create disciples


Your donation provides IDEAME the opportunity to provide food provisions and educational training for young Christians in search of employment in Honduras without a current income model to support their families.

IDEAME was built on the foundation of Volunteer support. Ready to learn more about becoming a Volunteer? Want to start a fundraiser? Wanting to go on a trip and help launch new Entrepreneur programs in Honduras? We have created a variety of ways to you to help fuel somethings passion to create.

The IDEAME project seeks to create entrepreneurial opportunities for people who do not have an economic income to support their families. The difference between IDEAME and other seed capital support programs is that it begins, develops, and continues with the purpose of discipling participants in the Christian faith. 

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