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Choose Your Way To Serve

National Volunteers

(La Ceiba, Honduras)


This committee is in charge of making all purchases related to the activities (food, tools for entrepreneurs, didactic material for workshops), is also in charge of organizing the time and people who they will participate as beneficiaries and as support in all activities. 


People from different careers who contribute to the development and execution of workshops according to their area of experience and profession, in addition these are also essential for the monitoring (supervision and advice) of the beneficiaries. 


This committee will be in charge of making the project visible on social networks, through publications of interest, biblical motivation, calls for activities, and will also manage the necessary materials for visits to churches and places of risk.

Field Tracking

It's the team in charge of bi-monthly visits to the project beneficiaries (bi-monthly), it is in charge of planning the visit schedule: surveys, biblical reflection, prayer and then giving feedback to the team on the spiritual state and results of the beneficiaries.

International Volunteers (Houston, USA)


Requirements To Be An IDEAME Volunteer

  • Be willing to do the great commission of Jesus. Matthew 26:19

  • Be willing to give your time to serve others. Matthew 22:39

  • Be willing to do all things with love. Colossians 3:23


IDEAME was built on the foundation of Volunteer support. Ready to learn more about becoming a Volunteer? Want to start a fundraiser? Wanting to go on a trip and help launch new Entrepreneur programs in Honduras? We have created a variety of ways for you to help fuel someone's passion to create.

Our Mission​

Our main mission is to be God's ambassador on earth, through service and love for everything the one who needs Jesus in his life. In addition, being part of a team that provides an alternative to the families that most need to generate income to improve their economic situation.

What Does An IDEAME Volunteer Do?

  • Participate in workshops, training, and Bible studies.

  • Supports the organization of activities for participants.

  • According to your education: Give training and workshops.

  • Visit families participating in the project.

  • Bring food supplies to those most in need.

  • Share the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for participants and their families, volunteers and IDEAME.

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You can make your donation to support more people to promote their ideas of love and thus get out of poverty.

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